The beauty in dedicating ourselves unto God

It all started on Monday 8th May 2017…

I got in to my car to take my daughter to school. We successfully set off by Gods Grace and once I dropped her off I made my way to the library to print of some documents. I drove around a couple of roads looking for parking space and found one in a spot I don’t usually park in, waiting there, just for me. I made a sigh of relief and I smoothly parked up and turned off the engine. I took out my May 2017 consecration calendar to mark off the previous day’s consecration as done and to check what day I was on currently. As I sat there looking at the previous date on the calendar, I wrote next to the date ‘day 7 of the consecration complete’. However, I couldn’t help but feel a reservation inside. I sat there thinking about the previous day and thought to myself “what did I consecrate to God yesterday?” Sure, the days prior to that date I had fasted but what had I done yesterday that had made it different and holy and set a part unto God? “I am meant to consecrate something” I thought to myself, “but if I wasn’t going to fast on the weekends during the month of May and only fast during the week days, then how could I incorporated the weekends to be holy as well, since it is part of the month of May?” With those questions hovering over me, I decided to look on Google (yes, I am one of those who Google every thing including the time 🕖  😕😏)…before all this, I must add that I also checked my emails and I saw an email from the council tax department stating that my summons fee had been withdrawn and that I no longer had to pay it (this was in reply to a letter I had sent weeks ago requesting if they would waive the summons fee and at the time I prayed over the matter entrusting it to God) and now low and behold they had agreed to withdraw it, I started praising God right there in my car, I was already beginning to see the hand of God in my situation and it was only day 8 of my consecration! Now, back to the part where I went to Google to look up the definition; so I put in the word consecration and a list of meanings came up, one definition said the word consecration meant ‘to officially make something holy and suitable, to be used for a deity (in my case God of the Bible) and to dedicate to a higher purpose’. I then clicked on a site [] that gave a beautiful explanation using scripture to carefully dissect the meaning. One of the scriptures was Joshua 3:5 ‘And Joshua said unto the people, Sanctify [consecrate] yourselves: for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you’. I was so moved that I posted that same scripture on to the blog site of the lady who organised the May 2017 Consecration under the leading of the Holy Spirit. After posting it on her blog as a comment to her post, I wanted to edit my default profile photo and upload a personal profile picture so the lady would know who I was. I had trouble doing this so I clicked around and ended up being taken to a new page. Before I knew it, I was setting up a blog, something I previously knew nothing about and I had no idea of what I was doing. Note: a few years ago the thought to set up a blog came to me and I made a list of topics I would talk about on the blog I wanted to create. It never happend. Fast forward back to present, I still had intentions to set up a blog and during the month​ of April 2017 I started researching into how I could make my idea a reality, but whilst looking into creating one I saw all these costs that were involved and it deterred me, at least for the moment – since I just wasn’t in a position to commit to those financial obligations just yet – so I put the whole idea on pause…anyway so, fast forward to this very moment, here I was fiddling around pressing buttons and voilà! There it was, my very own blog, created in a matter of minutes and the best part was that it was free. I personalised my new blog site with titles and pictures as best I could knowing I would continue editing it on my desktop at some point to make it exactly to my liking. I felt so happy with the events that had just taken place including the email from the council tax earlier, that I decided to return back to the topic of consecration, especially since it felt as if all these positive events were linked to the workings of God and the discipline that God was placing in me through obedience to consecrate myself. As I continued to look for definitions I came across another site with a post by a lady who had also, along with a church and group, conducted a consecration and spoke of the purpose of it and how successful it was. She spoke of the benefits of when one consecrates themselves unto God. It was amazing, I felt God was leading me and it felt wonderful. After reading through her article, I finally got my answer on how I would include the weekends to make them part of the consecration during the remainder of May. I decided every weekend during May I would consecrate a few hours in the early morning till breakfast (breaking fast) and spend it in scripture and prayer in the presence of the Lord. 

I said all that to say, dedicating time to the Lord is never in vain, it is an investment that you will never regret, one that will bring an inheritance that will last a life time and beyond, extending to your children and grandchildren, the inheritance of Eternal life. It’s good for believers to consecrate their lives unto the Lord. By being consecrated and set a part, we are able to show by example to others that God really does forgive sins and changes us from the inside out. Just by obedience and dedication to God’s purpose we can impact change in the Earth and bring about God’s ultimate plan for human kind, salvation.

I have included the link to the site that inspired me to write this blog.